Smale Expansion Phase 1 Coming This Spring

The John G. & Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park is a now famous 23-acre park along the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati that serves over 5 MILLION visitors per year. Cincinnati Parks Foundation raised $40 million dollars which supported the planning and development of the park. The initial construction transformed parking lots and industrial buildings into an oasis of trees, gardens, fountains, and spectacular overlooks of the Roebling Bridge and the Ohio River.

The Smale Expansion at Lot 23 is the next phase to help complete the Park in its entirety, revitalizing pavement into a beautiful event lawn with gardens, pergolas, and tree groves alongside the Andrew J. Brady ICON Music Center. The Smale Advisory Committee joins other Cincinnati families, committed to creating a legacy of greening and revitalizing our Queen City.

The Smale Expansion will be completed in two phases.

Phase One is expected to be completed late spring of 2021 and includes:
  • Race Street Plaza and two tree planters

  • Two grand staircases

  • Performance lawn with all-weather turf

  • Three tree groves

  • Landscaping throughout

  • Granite on all walking surfaces and steps

  • Railings, benches, drinking fountains

  • Elevator

  • Utilities

  • Lighting

Phase Two includes:
  • Stone cladding on Mehring Way walls

  • Donor Wall

  • Twin pergolas on Race Street Plaza

  • Granite seatwalls along the performance lawn

  • Eastern Overlook Garden


Supporting the Expansion

The Cincinnati Parks Foundation offers its very sincere thanks to the following donors for their support of this project: Smale Family Foundation, Anne Drackett Thomas, Joseph Evelo, Susanne “Sudie” Geier, Helen Dupree, Louise Head, Pamela Gibson, Angeleke “Keke” Sansalone, Ellen Pease Sole, Donald Mellott, Jr., Cynthia Henderson, Marilyn Kremzar, Rosemary Schlacter, Harvey Knowles, Kathatine DeWitt, Harry Kangis, Sheila Simmons, Cincinnati Town & Country Garden Club, Peter McNee Smale, Mitchell Quint, Maddie Caldemeyer, Lisa Diedrichs, Daniel Vogelpohl, Ari Shifman, and Michael Betz. 

To learn more or to support this project, contact:


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